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Growth Marketer

Los Angeles, California

Contract Remote


Neurosity is looking to hire a Growth Marketer to help us grow our hardware and software products. The Growth Marketer’s role is to lead growth experiments that focus on improving the various parts of the customer journey, from awareness to advocacy and retention. The Growth Marketer will develop personas, build user segments, and use customer engagement tools such as email, social media, and app messages to acquire customers and increase customer lifetime value. An applicant to this role should be data-driven and love continual experimentation to improve results.


  • Research and understand current services and their related products & app flows
  • Spend time understanding the customer journey and then crafting meaningful customer segments
  • Relentlessly consider customer behavior and adjust tactics to optimize engagement
  • A/B test various steps in the customer journey - message types, campaign messaging, sending times to deliver the most engagement
  • Develop new ways to grow the product outside of traditional marketing channels
  • Draft engaging messages to deliver on our various message channels (email, app, and direct mail)
  • Strive to reach assigned metrics
  • Communicate campaign performance and insights with the team
  • Education

  • No degree is required for this role.
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