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Introducing Notion

The first thought-powered wearable computer


Or pay over time with a $199 deposit.

Shipping Early Fall 2020 to all of North America.

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Notion combines brain-imaging, a powerful CPU, RAM, internet connectivity, and on-board machine learning. With the power of a laptop and comfort of a wearable, Notion has everything you need to build thought-powered apps.

Responsive experiences.

With Notion, music, lights, games, and more respond to how you feel or want to feel.

Easy setup.

No drivers, dongles, or base stations required. Just add Notion to your WiFi network and go. Start writing neuro apps with just a few lines of code.
Check out the docs

Privacy & security.

Notion's N1 chipset is secure by design. It doesn't watch, it doesn't listen, and it never stores your brainwaves.
Learn how we keep your data secure

Developer Community

Charlie Gerard

Charlie Gerard

Creative Technologist

The Notion is by far my favourite brain sensor! The focus on creating a good developer experience and the care for data privacy really empowers you to explore the potential of Neurotechnology!

Check out Charlie's demo
Scott Burwell, PhD

Scott Burwell, PhD


The best consumer grade EEG headset I've seen yet. Notion has adequate channel locations and excellent signals. I'd bet that biohackers and BCI enthusiasts would love it.

See Scott's EEG research
Jesse Weigel

Jesse Weigel

Software Engineer

The Neurosity Notion makes it so easy to get quality data from the brain and incorporate it into applications. So many exciting possibilities!

Watch Jesse's tutorials

How Notion Compares







Onboard Computing




Lossless Data


Native Headset Apps


Data Encryption



With 8 channels along the temporal and frontal axes of the brain, Notions sensors enable meaningful insights into focus, calm, and attention.

Wireless & Mobile

Notion is designed to work with any internet connected device, making compatibility simple and seamless. If it has WiFi or Bluetooth, it works with Notion.

Onboard Computing

Everything you need to build neuro apps on a single device. CPUs, RAM, and on-device machine learning quickly process brain waves and produce computer actions.

Lossless & Fast

Data is never lost in transmission with the N1 Chipset. Notion’s on-device machine learning does all the work, eliminating the need to relay data to an external computer.

Secure & Encrypted

Your brain waves are automatically translated into encrypted metadata by the N1 Chipset. Data is securely transmitted and never stored on Notion.

JavaScript API

Run Notion apps in your Web browser, Node, Electron, and on mobile with React. Access data via LSL from C/C++, Python, Java, C#, and MATLAB.

What's Included

Notion Headset

Notion Headset

Hard Case

Hard Case

Power Adapter

Power Adapter

USB Cable

USB Cable

Spare Electrodes

Spare Electrodes

Specs & Details


VS Code Extension:

Access your flow score as you are coding. Optimize your development environment for maximum productivity.

Developer Console:

Access & visualize brainwaves
Train Kinesis commands in real time.

JavaScript API:

Kinesis (mind control)
Emotion *
Raw data
Frequency (FFT)
Power by band
* coming soon

Lab Streaming Layer:

Access EEG data and Markers via LSL from C, C++, Python, Java, C#, MATLAB and Node

Operating System:

Compatible with all major platforms. No drivers required.
Linux based operating system
Ready-to-run machine learning
Configure Notion to your WiFi Network



The computer and operating system are embedded into the wearable
Ability to control any wireless device over WiFi, Bluetooth, or Cloud
Research grade lossless brain recordings


1.8 GHz quad-core processor
8GB flash storage


2-hour lithium-ion polymer rechargeable battery
USB charger


5.3 ounces


6.5” x 6.25” x 3.25”


8 Channels: CP6, F6, C4, CP4, CP3, C3, F5, CP5
Reference and bias sensors T7 and T8
Through hair dry Silver/Silver Chloride

Analog Front End:

Lossless brainwave recordings
Ultra-low noise floor of 0.25 uVrms
Rail-to-rail voltage range of +/- 2.5V
2.5 kV digital to analog voltage isolation

Watch the TEDx Talk