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Shift Into High Focus with the Neurosity


Increase Your Productivity by Boosting Your Brain’s Concentration

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Increase productivity
The Crown helps you boost your brain’s concentration by measuring your brain waves and playing music that increases your focus.
Track performance
The Crown comes with dashboards and the Neurosity App to make it easy to track your improvement.
The engaged community of users and developers will help you get the most out of your Crown.
The Neurosity App Helps You Increase Your Focus
The Crown includes tools to ensure you increase your productivity by boosting your brain’s concentration when you move to a new task.
Learn how to reach your maximum potential by using the Crown and the The Neurosity App daily.
The App delivers real-time results so you have instant feedback on your Shifts.
The Crown was Built for You
Learn how the Crown was built to help your brain concentrate.
How Did We Get Here?
How Did We Get Here?
Brain wave technology may seem futuristic, but it’s backed by decades of scientific research. Neurosity is excited to be one of the first companies to bring brain wave technology directly to you.
What Do You Need to Know?
Brain waves
Electrical impulses given off by the brain. The Neurosity Crown is able to measure these impulses and interpret them based on years of scientific research.
Gamma Waves
The fastest brain waves and the Crown is able to pick up on their electrical impulses allowing it to measure your focus levels or how “in the zone” you are.
Occurs when your brain increases it’s focus by 25%. The Crown helps you measure this change and achieve a Shift quickly.
Telepathing All Developers
Telepathing All Developers
Use the Neurosity SDK to build the next generation of neuro Apps. The developer console allows you to visualize brain waves, train kinesis commands, access focus & calm scores, and more.
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