the Mind

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Understanding you.

Every thought, feeling, and movement starts in your brain.
Neurosity builds thought-powered devices that allow you to communicate and understand you.



The wearable that translates thought into action.
Your mind empowered.

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One thought, a world of possibility.

Notion comes with a suite of personalized apps to get you started, and an integration path for apps you already use.


Secure by design.

Since day one, every N1 chipset we make has had 3 words on it: No Raw Data. Because when it comes to your personal data, we believe that it should stay with you.
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N1 Chipset

The N1 is a universal translator for the brain. It creates a lossless data system where brain waves become action, all while protecting your unique biosignature.

8 Channels

With 8 channels along the temporal and frontal axes of the brain, Notion’s electrode placement allows for meaningful human insight in perfect configuration.

2h Battery

Supporting a wire free, on the go experience, Notion meets you wherever you are.

WiFi & BLE

Notion is designed to work with any internet connected device making compatibility simple and seamless.

Join the innovators.

We’ve developed an open source API that empowers you to create new experiences driven by thought.

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