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Membership Terms of Service

Last Update: 1/27/2024

Neurosity Membership Terms of Service

Standard Terms

1. Neurosity will provide a Crown headset, the Crown, for a minimum Membership duration of 3 months.

2. Member is responsible for the Crown unit and putting a credit card on file.

3. If the Crown is lost or stolen, the credit card will be charged for the total retail price of the Crown at the time of the Signup Date.

4. The Membership Signup Date is set on the day of subscription creation.

5. On the Membership Signup Date, a non-refundable $50 start-up charge covering activation and shipping to get the Crown to the Member and running on the software, will be assessed.

6. Monthly Fee of $99 per Crown.

7. The Monthly Fee is non-refundable and charged every month on your Membership Signup Date, in advance for the next month.

8. Included in pilot pricing: the Crown may be returned for service once a year with a Neurosity shipping label for a tune-up.

9. These Terms of Service (“TOS”) may be updated from time to time without warning or notice at the sole discretion of Neurosity.


1. Quick turnaround for non-functioning Crown replacement at no charge.

2. The Member may cancel the Membership by contacting

3. The member needs to cancel at least 48 hours before the due date to allow time to receive the return label and ship the Crown back to Neurosity.

4. Members must return their Crown unit to Neurosity in order to cancel the membership.

5. Flexible TOS to get the program up and running.

Switch to buy

1. Members who would like to buy a Crown outright may email to initiate the return process.

2. Members must return their Crown unit to Neurosity.

3. A discount code for an Amount off a new Crown for use at checkout from the Neurosity store will be generated for you.

4. The Amount is calculated by the sum of the amount paid to date via monthly subscription, maxing out at three (3) months or $297, whichever comes last. I.e., two (2) months of subscription is $198 off a new crown; anything three (3) months or longer is $297 off a new Crown. NOTE: If you purchased the membership prior to 6/2/23 the maximum discount is three (3) months ($297) with a purchase price of $999.

5. If the full price of the product increases after you sign up to become a member, the price at the time of membership signup will be honored. If the full price of the product decreases, then the lower price will be honored.

6. We’ll include a shipping label for the Crown unit with your new Crown when the discount code is used. After getting your new Crown, use the same box to ship your Crown back to Neurosity.

7. The subscription will be canceled once the unit is shipped back to Neurosity.


1. Units are not guaranteed to work with every Member as each person has a unique physiology.

2. From time to time, Neurosity, at its own cost, has the option to swap out units.

3. Neurosity can cancel the Membership at any time and will attempt to provide reasonable notice.

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