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A Different Kind of Mind Control

A Different Kind of Mind Control

Aroosa Khan
By Aroosa Khan on June 21, 2023
Mind Control
Dopamine Detox

When we think of mind control, we imagine a mob of humans-turned-zombies being brainwashed by the media, or by an evil scientist or tyrannical dictator. Movies like Inception or The Matrix come to mind, where the protagonists are special and unique, navigating a world in which only they have the power to control their thoughts — unlike all the other “sheep” asleep at the wheel.

But rarely do we encounter artifacts of pop culture where most people have conquered the most important mind: their own.

In the words of Les Brown, “Do what is easy, and your life will become hard. Do what is hard, and your life will become easy.”

In these two sentences, he manages to communicate something simple yet profound: when you engage in activities that are comfortable and easy, you will fail to live up to your potential. And when you engage in activities that are difficult, you will set yourself up for an easier life.

Mind Control

Nowhere is this more obvious than in our world of information overload, we are constantly bombarded with distractions and instant gratification. Our minds have become accustomed to seeking out easy and comfortable activities that provide immediate pleasure — rather than building the necessary resilience to overcome obstacles.

Of course, there is the understanding that focus and discipline are much harder for those who have ADHD or are otherwise more neurodiverse. But there is something we can do about it.

In fact, the old adage “you are what you eat” applies to more than just the food you consume. Whatever you feed your mind, it will create neural pathways that reinforce those thoughts and behaviors. This is technically what we call our comfort zone. And it makes breaking out of it very difficult.

But **Morpheus Voice** “what if I told you everything you know [about conquering your own mind] is wrong?”

At Neurosity, we want to shed light on something interesting: the concept of conquering your own mind to overcome obstacles and transcend your productivity limitations.

The crux of today’s modern challenges lie in our ability to effortlessly spend hours scrolling through our phones, completely absorbed by a single screen.

But why is it so much easier to do this compared to engaging in other more productive tasks?

The answer lies in our dopamine levels, the so-called ‘pleasure molecule.’

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter responsible for regulating pleasure, motivation, and reward in our brains. And while dopamine drives us to desire certain things over others, it also serves as a powerful motivator for accomplishing tasks.

That means continuous exposure to highly stimulating activities such as social media, video games, or excessive screen time can lead to dopamine addiction, impairing our ability to concentrate on essential tasks and diminishing our overall enjoyment and success in life.

The purpose of a dopamine detox, then — is to reset the brain’s reward system and reduce dependence on highly stimulating activities. It involves taking a break from these activities and engaging in more calming, less stimulating pursuits. By doing so, individuals can regain control over their attention, improve their productivity, and restore their overall well-being.

What holds our dopamine captive? Anything that provides instant gratification.

This includes:

  • Doom scrolling on social media

  • Receiving likes and red hearts from people you haven’t seen in years

  • Online shopping

  • Ordering takeout

And the list goes on…

We are the proverbial rats in Skinner’s box.

So what’s our solution to break out of it?

You might have already heard of it — but one emerging technique to counteract this overstimulation is the concept of a “dopamine detox.”

This detox aims to reset our brains and restore balance by taking a break from highly stimulating activities.

And we believe our Crown, a wearable EEG device, can assist individuals in achieving a successful dopamine detox and reap the associated benefits.

Enter The Crown

The Crown puts you in control of your mind.

While the dopamine detox is a simple concept — it’s easier said than done. After all, old habits die hard and it takes some serious commitment to choose to do unstimulating things everyday.

It’s also surprisingly difficult to quantify or have any data on how well your detox is going.

But with the Crown, you can have real-time data on your progress.

How does it work?

How Neurosity’s Crown Facilitates Dopamine Detox:

    1. Real-time Brainwave Monitoring: 

      The Crown’s EEG sensors detect and monitor the wearer’s brainwave patterns, providing valuable insights into their focus. This information allows users to gain a deeper understanding of their brain waves during different activities and make informed decisions regarding their dopamine detox routine.

    2. Attention Training:

      By wearing the Crown during a dopamine detox, users can receive immediate feedback on their focus and identify activities or situations that trigger distractions. This awareness is crucial for successfully resetting the brain’s reward system and reclaiming control over attention.

    3. Calming and Focused Relaxation:

      During a dopamine detox, it is essential to engage in relaxing and less stimulating activities. Neurosity’s Crown can help users enter a state of focused relaxation through our playlist of innovative audio. These cues help guide users towards a calm and focused mental state, aiding in the detox process.

By analyzing the data collected during each session, you can gain valuable insights into your focus patterns, identify areas for improvement, and observe the overall impact of your detox efforts over time. This feedback loop motivates you to stay committed to the detox process and make informed decisions about your well-being.

This brings us to an important quote: “Only the disciplined ones in life are free. If you are undisciplined, you are a slave to your moods and your passions.” — Eliud Kipchoge.

While discipline is a complex topic, especially for people with ADHD — there are active steps we can take to put us back in control of our day, our moods and our life’s trajectory.

It means we can center our minds and bodies, and we can wake up well rested from a good night’s sleep that wasn’t dizzied by endless streams of information from social media.

It means we can live life truly on our terms, and that’s what our mission is all about here at Neurosity.


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