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How to Shift into Focus

How to Shift into Focus

Emily Kilroy, Ph.D.
By Emily Kilroy, Ph.D. on October 10, 2023

Once you've downloaded the app and connected your Crown, follow these steps to begin:

    1. Fit Your Crown: Ensure your Crown sits comfortably and correctly on your head. Customize the electrode comb length to match your unique head shape.

    2. Ready to Begin: With your setup complete, let's start your session. Open the Neurosity app and select "Focus."

    3. Music Selection: Choose your preferred track or let the app choose for you. You can also toggle off instructions if you prefer.

    4. Signal Quality Check: The app will conduct an initial check to ensure your Crown receives a strong signal from your neural activity. Adjust your Crown if needed for better signal quality.

    5. Rate Your Focus: Share how focused you currently feel. Then, find a comfortable position, making sure your Crown doesn't touch any pillows or the back of a chair.

    6. Starting the Session: If you've toggled on instructions, they will end, and you can press "Begin" when ready to close your eyes and start the session. If you've toggled off instructions, the session will start automatically after signal quality checks and track downloads, if necessary.

    7. During the Session: Just relax and listen to the music. During the session, NeuroAdaptive Audio will modify the track's characteristics based on your brain activity in order to boost your focus state.  By listening to the music it can help to energize and synchronize your neural activity.

    8. Session End: When the session concludes, the music will stop, and the app will prompt you to rate your focus once again. This data is crucial for training your personalized adaptive audio.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Crown:

Track Your Progress: Keep an eye on your progress within the app. Your personalization score will improve as the AI model learns to tailor the music for your unique brain.

Optimal Timing: Research suggests that listening to music before tackling a task you want to focus on can yield the best results. Consider doing a focus session every day in the morning, before a challenging task, or when you're feeling unfocused.

Take Breaks: Feel free to take breaks from your activities and do a Shift Session as frequently as needed. If you find focusing challenging after a few sessions, take an activity break, like a walk or some stretches, to boost circulation to your body and brain. This can improve brain function.

By following these steps, you'll enhance your ability to shift into a focused state, increasing your efficiency and effectiveness in tasks, all while improving your personalized experience.

Neurosity’s Developers Console / Dashboard

When you create an account, you gain access to the Neurosity Developers Console and Dashboard. This powerful tool allows you to delve deeper into understanding and tracking your brain activity. Here's what you can do:

Real-Time Insights: View real-time data, including brainwaves measured by each electrode, and understand the power of each electrode.

Frequency Breakdown: Explore the absolute power band for each frequency, which includes Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta, and Gamma brainwaves. Here's what they mean:

  • Alpha: Alpha waves indicate a relaxed but alert mental state, often associated with reduced stress.

  • Beta: Beta brainwaves are present during wakefulness and mental activity.

  • Delta: These slow brainwaves are associated with deep, dreamless sleep and relaxation.

  • Theta: Theta waves are linked to creativity, daydreaming, and a meditative state.

  • Gamma: These fast brainwaves are related to high-level information processing.

Hemisphere Comparison: Understand your power spectrum asymmetry for each electrode on both the left and right hemispheres of your brain.

Personal Data: Download your own data and engage with the Crown's capabilities and brain activity tests.

The Developers Console offers you the opportunity to gain a comprehensive understanding of your cognitive performance, making it easy to track and optimize your mental well-being.


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