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Introducing NeuroAdaptive Meditation

Introducing NeuroAdaptive Meditation

Emily Kilroy, Ph.D.
By Emily Kilroy, Ph.D. on October 3, 2023

Today, I'm thrilled to introduce you to a meditation experience that's deeply personal and incredibly transformative - Neurosity’s NeuroAdaptive Meditation.

As a neuroscientist with an academic background, I've witnessed the power of research and its potential to positively impact lives. My journey, much like the evolution of this remarkable meditation app, has been shaped by my passion for understanding the brain. This app is not just another entry in the crowded world of meditation apps; it's the result of a steadfast commitment to crafting a scientifically substantiated, personalized meditation experience for all.

The experience we are introducing today is the culmination of years of research on music perception, meditation, and their profound effects on the brain and mental health to give you the experience of having a personal meditation guide, music composer, and a neurofeedback scientist all rolled into one and on demand. NeuroAdaptive Meditation tailors every session to assist you in achieving a state of calm and relaxation, and the benefits of meditation are accessible to everyone and every brain.

I am truly proud and honored to have worked on NeuroAdaptive Meditation and see it shared with the world.

Emily working with Izzy

Before Neurosity I was conducting neuroscience research in the lab, however, the real-world application of my findings was a lengthy and uncertain process that could span several years. In 2020, I faced a pivotal moment. I left my academic role at the University of Southern California and joined Neurosity, marking a significant career shift. This change coincided with the life-altering experience of becoming a first-time mom during a global pandemic. Personally experiencing and witnessing the challenges people faced worldwide during this difficult time, I recognized a tremendous need and opportunity to help others without relying on medications, personal therapists, or space by capitalizing on what we already know about mental health and neural functioning.

Thanks to the Crown, Neurosity emerged as a beacon of hope. Our technology enables people to gain insight into their own brain activity from anywhere, seamlessly merging the realms of neuroscience and AI. This empowers individuals worldwide, granting them the ability to take control of their mental focus right at their fingertips. After joining Neurosity I didn’t look back.

AdaptiveAudio experience is the combination of all my research knowledge and Neurosity technology put together to help individuals benefit from the incredible power of one of the most research-based mental health practices: Meditation.

Meditation is a topic that has gained considerable attention in scientific literature for its numerous benefits to brain health and overall well-being. Yet, it remains shrouded in mystery for many. It doesn't come naturally to most, leading to doubts about whether they are "doing it right." Furthermore, meditation is often absent from school curriculums and Western culture making it difficult to fit it into our daily routines and benefit from its effects. Instead, medication and addictive vices are the go-to options for stress management.

Emily working on NeuroAdaptive Meditation

However, the research is unequivocal—meditation can not only alleviate stress, but improve sleep, manage pain, control emotions, and even assist with conditions like ADHD. The list of benefits is extensive, with little to no side effects. Yet unlocking these benefits with just a YouTube video and your phone can be a formidable challenge.

During my academic career, I immersed myself in the world of brain imaging, scanning the brains of infants that were just a few months old all the way up to individuals nearing the end of life. I studied brain structure, function, and development using a wide variety of imaging techniques such as EEG, MRI, and PET. In doing so it became clear that each brain was unique, sculpted by a lifetime of experiences and intricately wired to perceive the world in a million different ways. And therefore it is not surprising that not everyone’s brain responds immediately to meditation experiences.

This is precisely where NeuroAdaptive Meditation shines. It's not merely an app; it's your interactive companion on the path to better mental health. By harnessing the power of AI and reinforcement learning, it consistently tailors itself to your distinct brain responses, ensuring a personalized meditation experience that genuinely resonates with you. What makes Neurosity’s app special is that you can see your brain changing for yourself. The app provides a window into your brain's activity, allowing you to track its progress over time.

NeuroAdaptive Meditation App

As you go through life, your brain undergoes transformations, and the app evolves in sync with your neural development. This close relationship with your brain empowers you to unlock the benefits of meditation and other mental practices, not just for the present, but for years ahead. The more you engage with it, the more intimately it understands you, guaranteeing a tailored experience that consistently enhances your well-being.

As I reflect on my journey, I can't help but see how NeuroAdaptive Meditation has the potential to redefine meditation for the wonderfully diverse brains in our world. I genuinely hope that others will try it and share in my excitement. As for my own path, I have no regrets about leaving academia for the industry, especially with Neurosity; it's been an incredibly fulfilling journey.


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